Monika Laddha

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Corporate & Operational Finance
06 Years

Personal Experience

Mrs. Monica is a result driven executive with 06 years of experience in business banking, compliance, audit and accounts. Having good analytical, planning, implementation and interpersonal skills. Technically well acquainted in Direct Tax, Accounts, Auditing, drives both strategic planning and transformational agenda, focusing on increasing transparency of the business to both management and shareholders, building and developing management information systems, strengthening and growing finance aspects, managing costs through process improvements and benchmarking.6

Professional Skills

Financial Planning & Reporting
55 %
audit and compliance
75 %
investment initiatives
68 %


She is a Charted Accountant is a trusted partner to the management of the company working both as a supporter and a sounding board able to challenge business plans and investment ideas applying shareholder mentality with the focus on a longer-term value generation to potential decisions.

Proven areas of expertise include, FP&A, M&A, business modeling and forecasting, technical accounting change management, international operations and global tax strategy. Excellent communicator with high level of accountability, expert at presenting to Board of Directors, investors, banks, and legal counsel.

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